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Kevin’s earliest and fondest memories include being completely absorbed with drawing and painting.


He grew up in Allentown, PA, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kutztown University. 


Influenced early on by his uncle-- a songwriter and radio DJ, Kevin developed a deep love of music. After college he chose a path less traveled, touring and recording for more than a decade as a drummer in an indie rock band.


Subsequently, he moved to New York City with an eye toward combining his love of music with his visual skills. He quickly became a respected and sought-after designer and creative director in media production. He was responsible for creating content for projects for Paul McCartney, The 911 Museum, and the Smithsonian Museum, to name a few.


His creative drive has always dictated his personal choices, so he sold his company, enabling him to return to his original passion full-time. Kevin currently lives in New York City and Palm Springs, CA.


He is once again completely absorbed with drawing and painting.

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